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Our world is full of flair !

FLAIR is the mix of two growing and innovating companies of the beverage sector, in order to develop fresh product ideas and introduce new concepts in food service market. PAXMAN Ltd is the leading beverage compound manufacturer in Greece. GIALOUSIS Ltd is a major powder manufacturer in the Greek dry mix beverage market. BLENDID BEVERAGES is their successful merge: the innovating beverage  brand for the global food service sector. Mission &Vission: BLENDID is more than just another beverage brand. BLENDID BEVERAGES is whereour passion for creativity and innovation blends perfectly with our basic ideals of quality and serving people. There is more than just the production and packaging of beverages. There is the concept of innovation and the taste of perfection. So, this is what we do ideas blended with passion.



FLAIR Product range incorporates over 300 products of concentrated juices drinks, concentrated beverages, syrups, powder beverages and powder desserts, all produced with the highest quality ingredients.


FLAIR offer more
flavours than you can imagine

Flair have the flair for creating remarkable products. We always seek inspiration and we constantly try new recipes and experiment with innovative technology. We always have something new to present because we enjoy creating. We share with you our passion for flavour!

We have a passion
for flavours


A products We having a global reputation

The Products

FLAIR create the widest range of flavours for you to choose. Our passion and expertise lead our production line and we constantly deliver new products. Featuring more than 60 syrups, almost 10 tea extracts, 7 different sauces and 12 fruit purees, the Flair syrups has the momentum of a large company that conquers the world of flavours.

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