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Beverages Experts SA Solutions & More 


Beverage Experts Network; was founded in 2012 as Saudi Co. We guarantee, whatever comes under the umbrella of BE will be of exceptional flavor. This task consumes the focus and investment from our research and development committee. We treat any component we source as equally important, from tissue papers to coffee beans, from syrups to powders, all products have to undergo a series of tests and scrutinizing to be selected and qualified to enter the BE network. We have been working in the field of food & beverage as well as the hospitality art.  In a later stage the company strategic direction progressed towards a vision of establish a distribution network, recently we expanded our foundational ideas providing a strategic  fit  in MENA markets.

Beverage Experts Network owned by Saudi/ Egyptian businessman with entrepreneurial  aspirations operating primarily in the Saudi market and expanding their reach in the MENA  through their presence in the Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and UAE market.


The group owner business directions’ are always derived from their core understanding  and studying of the beverage market, they are operating within, and accordingly structuring  the business offering based on the current gaps and opportunities with an innovational  approach and ongoing quantity products. 

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