Our History


Welcome to Beverage Experts, The only history we can mention is that we were established in August 2012. As a new company, we don’t have that deep history that we can talk a lot about. However, each moment we live, each milestone we cross we strongly believe that we are shaping our future and making our dreams come true. This business is one of the ventures that Fuad Abdul Jalil Al Fadhli And Sons Company decided to take. Since more than 40 years, Fuad Al Fadhli lead a successful medical laboratories supplies of reagents and equipment’s to the Saudi market, In 2012, as a good opportunity, He decided to implement his strategy in diversifying his income streams and took up this new challenge. A totally different field with different dynamics and market trends, Beverage Experts was run with utmost enthusiasm and interest to serve the HORECA sector with excellence. The fact that we were new to the field did not stop our eagerness to participate in not only filing the gap and improving the field, but to think big and aspire to be the game changer in the market. As any new venture, the beginnings are always tough regardless of the field. But with strong dedication and belief, we managed to sustain the vicious competition. In fact, in a very short time we managed to have a strong presence among the big players in the market.

This achievement was not at all easy, especially with the ever changing internal and external factors affecting the market. This could have never seen the light if we were not blessed with competent people who shared their enthusiasm with the management. Regardless of the educational background or experience, the only magical factor that was shared among the whole team was their PASSION. Passion has been our most valuable asset at Beverage Experts.

Passion was the secret how we managed to sustain difficult times, Passion was the secret how we got rid off rotten members, Passion was the secret how we managed scarce resources, Passion was the secret how we regained our customers, Simply said “PASSION IS THE SECRET”.

It has never been and will never be a one man show, It is always the team and we are proud of each other as a team as we have strong PASSION towards each other.