• In Italy mass retailers taking its first steps, but the coffee is still buys in bulk, in the shop or in the roasting.

A Verzuolo, Dario Trucco opens with two partners roasting coffee Tiemme. The business idea that inspires Coffee Tiemme is to offer a product of excellence, focusing on raw material selection, on craftsmanship of roasting and distribution are able to deliver a product after roasting and packing. When, after a few years, it is growing, Dario Trucco detects a membership fee; continues to produce and distribute coffee Tiemme, but roasting time is all his and his name is Dario Makeup & C. CONTACTS.

In 1990 Dario Trucco meets the historic and prestigious Excelsior Cafe. As happens when a mixture of coffee reaches equilibrium that makes it unique, experience, quality and entrepreneurial drive of Mr. Trick blend in the history and prestige of the brand Excelsior that, from that moment, becomes the new company name .



  • Growth requires space and Verzuolo roasting moves to Busca. Larger environment and air of novelty: he joined the company the first daughter Roberta. The Internet is changing the way people work all.

2000-2002. They increase the customers, the range of products, increasing the volume of business in Italy as well as abroad, including Nicoletta goes live activity.

In 2010 the time is ripe for a new transfer: roasting is housed in the modern factory in Via Avigliana Lakes 210 to Busca.

  • Today coffee Excelsior, has become an irresistible pleasure for lovers of taste also internationally. And ‘the recognition of craftsmanship Piedmont as an expression of best Made in Italy tradition.




  • Argento %40 Arabica & %60 Robusta
  • Portorico %60 Arabica & %40 Robusta
  • Extra Mild %70 Arabica & %30 Robusta
  • Gold %80 Arabica & %20 Robusta
  • Panama %100 Arabica