About us

Since the year 2012, Beverage Experts has established itself in Saudi market as one of the big players in the market in the specialty beverage and solutions.
From our commitment to excellent customer experience, we decided to build up a network that would ensure standardization of quality
products and services to exceed our customer’s satisfaction. Our network will facilitate expanding our presence beyond Saudi Arabia with local understanding of trends and taste of the markets we target. UAE, Bahrain, Egypt are only the start, the pipeline holds much more to cover the whole MENA region.

We guarantee our customers, whatever comes under the umbrella of BE will be of exceptional flavor. This task consumes the focus and investment from our research and development committee. We treat any component we source as equally important, from tissue papers to coffee beans, from syrups to powders, all products have to undergo a series of tests and scrutinizing to be selected and qualified to enter the BE network.

Similarly, important, our recruitment process is handled very seriously. We look for education, we look for experience but none of those will qualify anyone to work with us if they don’t reach our expectations when it comes to passion.

Moreover, a major part of our investment is in the continuous training for our team, as we believe they are the major asset of the company

About Us